making a group


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who do i talk to about making a group?
hmmm............nobody knows?

somebody MUST know
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Well what kind of group did you have in mind, a "Public Group" or "Battle Group"?

If you are making a public group, then you click the link at the top of the front page (Groups) and it will take you to to the Groups page where you will find the (Create Group) at the bottom of the Groups page, once you click on that you are ready to start making your group.

Now if you are trying to make a (Battle Group) then you need to go to the (Lounge) then look in the (sub-talk) area for (Group talk) and start a new thread to generate interest in your group.
Once you have sevral GF members interested in joining your "Battle Group" Hybrix will create that group and set your "Groups Room" up for you, but you will need atleast 7-10 members interested before you will see your group come to life.