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Makes Me Ashamed To Be Canadian


what? no pink?
lol but at least it's comical :)


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Staff member
Well, there are idiots everywhere. Just because Canada has at least one idiot doesn't mean Canada has 100% idiots. ;) I'm sure there are a few bright bulbs in the bunch! :D


Wanna play?
I think the true idiot would be the one who bids.


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Hey, guess what? Someone (hopefully eBay itself) removed the item from eBay listings! There is justice after all :)

Yeah, we have our share of idiots too up here, but usually we keep them under control ... I guess this one slipped out of the restraints :lol:

At least it's good to know someone is on the lookout for these kind of things. It was kind of funny at first, but then I thought, what if some other (dare I say "not too bright person") actually bids on this? Stranger things have happened. Wouldn't want my country's reputation to suffer :D