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Make Yourself Sick


Registered Member
Have you ever pigged out on a certain food (or drink) that you literally made yourself sick??
Just keep eatin and eatin....even tho you know you're gonna get sick..but you kept on piggin out ~LoL~


Better Call Saul
Staff member
I've eaten to the point where I thought I might puke but never gotten to the point where I actually did haha.

I am able to stop myself no matter how awesome something tastes.


Where is my Queen?
I had the endless shrimp special at Red Lobster before and ate 127 shrimp. When I left I felt like that I was going to throw up, but never did. It did take a couple of days for my body to recover from that though.


Registered Member
Not sure I should share this...*haha*..but here's my story:
When my children were all in grade school, I was a stay-at-home Mom.
One day I made Rice Krispie's marshmallow treats...we all know what those are, right?? ~LoL~
So, as I was making them, I was nibbling them..and I put the finished product in a 13x9 inch pan and placed them in the fridge.
A little by little, I kept getting another small piece, and before I knew it, all the pieces were gone~
I had eaten the entire pan of those things!
So I hurried up and cleaned up all the pans and dishes, put away the items that I had been using....so my family was totally unaware I had even made the treats.
Yep....I felt guilty, and I felt like a big fat pig.


Chinese food. I hit the buffet, 6-7 plates later I was puking in the parking lot. Never again. Now I stick to a normal 3-4. Haha.


Registered Member
Chinese food. I hit the buffet, 6-7 plates later I was puking in the parking lot. Never again. Now I stick to a normal 3-4. Haha.

Chinese food is kind of odd....for some people, it really never fills you up.
You may feel full, but about an hour after eating it, you get to feeling hungry all over again, like you never ate at all :lol:


Trust me, 6-7 HUGE plates of it will definitely fill you up. I won't lie, 30 minutes after puking... I was hungry again. Haha.


yellow 4!
When I eat too much I never feel sick as if I want to throw up or anything, just really full and lethargic. I can't remember a time I actually felt sick... probably back when me and my grandma used to bake cakes and she'd let me eat the leftover sickly sweet cake mix. It tasted way too good to just let her wash the bowl straight away!


Sally Twit
Like Millz, I've eaten too much of something I was enjoying to the point of feeling sick but I've always stopped before I was sick. Sometimes it's alright to pig out in my opinion!