Make your own or shop bought?


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Do you prefer to buy basic ingredients and make your own? Or do you prefer to buy from the shop. I'm talking about foods like soups, cakes, marinades etc, and not ready made meals.

Im torn between the two. If i'm in a rush I like to have some shop bought foods in the cupboard. But most of the time I prefer to make my own.


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You mean like homemade soup vs canned soup? I think homemade stuff tastes better most of the time, but it's obviously a lot more tedious to prepare. I usually go with store bought food since it's a lot easier.


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I like to buy that stuff from the shop most of the time, but sometimes if I am in the mood I will buy the basic ingredients myself and make my own.


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I will get cake mixes and marinades, it's just easier that way. But when it comes to something like soup, I like to make my own.


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My other family members make home made mayonnaise and I want to try that one of these days. Soups and salad sauce, I prefer to make my own. With pies, it's the same thing although I do buy ready made ones for lazy cooking days.


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I prefer to buy that kinda thing from a shop. If I made it myself there would be no guarantee of it being edible.
Rebecca, you need this cute sign I had for sale in my boutique it says "I kiss better than I cook".:lol:

I make most things from scratch. I love to cook. I even make my doggie treats.

I also grow our vegetables in our garden. So I'm pretty much into all that.

I really do need to get a life. :lol: