Make this hour go faster

Discussion in 'The Bathroom Wall' started by Kibi, Jun 22, 2010.

  1. Kibi

    Kibi Babeasaurus Sex


    Pretty please?
    Pretty Pretty please with a cherry on top?


  2. Tucker

    Tucker Lion Rampant

    Tick, tick, tick, ticking away...

  3. Kibi

    Kibi Babeasaurus Sex

    OMFG It has a cherry on top!!! Awesome sauce!
  4. Tucker

    Tucker Lion Rampant

    Fighting boredom is what Tuckers do best.

  5. Kibi

    Kibi Babeasaurus Sex


    It must continue kthx...

    Half an hour left go go gadget tucker!
  6. Unity

    Unity #AllTogetherNowSTL Staff Member

    lmao at the awesome sauce usage...

    I'd tell you to hop in chat, but you did and bailed! So much for passin' some time! :p
  7. Kibi

    Kibi Babeasaurus Sex

    yeah im at work and seeing as like i don't wanna be fired...I was super tempted and then I chickened!

    Mega hearts you though for trying!!!

    Will you be on later?

    Also Tucker - that pic is the shiz dude!!!!! <3 xxx
    Last edited: Jun 22, 2010
  8. Unity

    Unity #AllTogetherNowSTL Staff Member

    I'll be around the interwebz for about 5 hours off and on doing my work, and then I have to head up to school for class.
  9. Kibi

    Kibi Babeasaurus Sex


    I'll catch you on chat later then!!
  10. AnitaKnapp

    AnitaKnapp It's not me, it's you. V.I.P. Lifetime

    Nooooo. I need it to go slower. :p

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