Make Set List(Concert)


Sultan of Swat
Staff member
Alright if you had the chance to go to any concert of your choosen, who would be the Musician that you'd go see and please list 10 songs you'd like him to play. Also add two encores.

I would go see Michael Jackson and here's my set list:

-Billie Jean
-Beat It
-Smooth Criminal
-Blood on the Dance Floor
-The Way you Make me Feel
-You Rock My World
-Remember The Time
-Keep it in the Closet
-Who is It


-Pretty Young Thing


Sally Twit
Queens Of The Stone Age - my favourite band of all time and I've never had the chance to see them! It's hard choosing only 10 though.

1. Run, Pig, Run
2. The Bronze Age
3. Auto Pilot
4. The Blood Is Love
5. Born To Hula
6. Go With The Flow
7. In My Head
8. Little Sister
9. First It Giveth
10. Hangin' Tree


No One Knows
Feel Good Hit Of The Summer


Sultan of Swat
Staff member
Yeah I know what you mean, I had a really hard time to choose only 12 songs for Michael Jackson since he has like over 50 great songs to choose from. I rather much him play for five hours, but I don't think he would be to happy to do so.
I'd go see Placebo.

1- Drag
2- Commercial for Levi
3- Johnny and Mary
4- Pierrot the Clown
5- Second Sight
6- Every You and Every Me
7- Post Blue
8- Special Needs
9- Meds
10- Follow the Cops Back Home


- This Picture
- Song to Say Goodbye


living on the border
For me it would be Eyes Set To Kill, the songs are:

1- Young Blood Spills Tonight
2- Darling
3- Violent Kiss
4- Flight on Broken Wings
5- Liar in the Glass
6- This Love You Breathe
7- Behind these Eyes
8- Bitter Pill
9- Pure White Lace
10- Our Hearts

Reach (best song EVER)
Keeps Oxygen Kissing