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Majority Interest in Coyotes to be Sold


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IceEdge, who owns the Arizona Coyotes, have an agreement in place to sell 51% of the team to New York attorney and hedge fund manager Andrew Barroway. No dollar figure has been disclosed.

In the past Barroway has tried to buy the Devils and Islanders.


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This is bad. On so many levels bad. I don't see many positives yet the Coyotes fans thinks it's a giant rainbow.
Again, people in Glendale are getting screwed with false promise just to boost Gary Bettman's ego. We all know how it's gonna finish anyway. Pathetic.


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IceEdge made a deal with the City of Glendale to give it a honest shot. If they lose 50 million in 5 years, they will more than likely relocate.

It's been one year. They've lost reportedly 24 million last season. That's pretty much 49% eh?

So now they are selling away controlling interest (Most likely to pay off the people they owe money too).

This new owner never worked a deal with the city, he has no morale obligation to Glendale. This way, when the team loses 26 more million, IceEdge won't have blood on their hands when they move. They won't have enough power to say no with just 49%.

I'm telling you. The whole Jameson sham, this IceEdge bullcrap - is all a stall tactic by the NHL to bide time until they have a suitable western city to relocate too. Then Barroway will move the team there. He's tried to buy the Islanders and Devils over the last few years, if he wanted a team so badly, he would have had the Coyotes long ago. Another thing to factor in on this deal with the league - in order for him to buy the team, he had to dro his lawsuit against Charles Wang for backing out of their deal to sell the Islanders to him.

When you look deep in to the history of Barroway and Coyotes, things just don't add up to a guy wanting to buy that team to stay in Glendale.

You want to be an investor to invest and make money, no? Buy the Coyotes low - sell them to Seattle/Quebec/Markham for high. Easy profit. Fuck - buy the Coyotes low, move them to Quebec and then sell them 3-5 years later for even higher!