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Major WWE Name Considering Leaving The Company


Haters gonna hate.
CM Punk really needs a break. When you work your ass off for a long period of time you kind of get frustrated with the business that you work for, even if you are passionate about it. I don't see him going to TNA (The Nut Association). If he does, it will be a big mistake. CM Punk is if not the biggest heel in the WWE right now. CM Punk doesn't need a title for the fans to respond to his actions. I honestly think that he is tired and just needs a break. During his break maybe he will be on Dancing With the Stars. :lol:
He might make it further that Jericho just did. Shame Y2J got eliminated. FIXED I TELL YOU!

Regardless, WWE should let Punk take some time off, he hasn't had time to rest since he has been busy almost full-time since being signed from ROH.


I am the woolrus
Thought this was interesting:

As we reported this week, RAW superstar CM Punk is said to be unhappy in WWE and is considering leaving the company when his contract expires later this year. Punk is burned out from five years on the road and is not happy with other stars such as The Miz and Alberto Del Rio getting pushed over him.

WWE wants to keep Punk on the roster and have offered him a new longterm deal, which he's yet to sign. It's interesting to note that CM Punk's real-life girlfriend Beth Phoenix was traded to the RAW brand during Tuesday's Supplemental Draft - which could be seen as a move to make life better for Punk on the road.

Punk's possible departure from WWE later this year has been one of the main topics of discussion behind the scenes this week. Punk has been dating Beth Phoenix for the past several months and the two are reportedly a serious couple.

WWE has made roster trades in the past to keep superstar-diva couples together - with the most notable example being Michelle McCool being moved to SmackDown a few years ago so she could travel with her husband, The Undertaker.
Seems that some reports seem to be stating Punk's unhappiness with his push as the main reason behind him wanting to leave. If that IS the case, and it's not a question of him being banged up then there's definitely more of a chance we'd see him return to ROH for a spell. But i still just see a hiatus as the most likely scenario.

Also, i had no idea Beth Phoenix and Punk were going out!! Shame, i was hoping Beth Phoenix was drafted to RAW so she could work a program with Kharma...