Maintaining your vehicle


Do What Thou Wilt
Do you properly maintain your vehicle?
Do you check your oil?
Change it?
The filter?
How often do you change it?
What are your preferred brands?

Now, Maintaining your vehicle is one of the most basic things you can do to keep your vehicle alive. Now, an oil change at virtually any garage can vary in price between 20 and even upwards of 50 bucks. Now, changing your oil and filter every 3000 miles (or three months, whichever comes first), can save your vehicle and significant numbers to engine life. Ok, a new car, a good one at least, will cost quite a sum. Now, a 30 dollar oil change can prevent repairs such as engine replacement, can cost upwards of 4000$. A 30$ change every three months, or 120 dollars a year, it will take nearly 30 years of oil changes to displace that, and no engine will last that with regular use. A responsible vehicle owner will make the extremely safe investment into regular oil changes.


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Maintaining of the car is very much important. We need to take great care of the car. Regular oiling, wiping and washing of the car increase the life of the car. So paying attention of the car improve it's performance.
Taking care of your car is as said very important, it goes thru alot if its daily driven and its important too check and maintain.