Main Goal of 21st Century


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The main goal of the 21st century is to cease the power of the dollar, in addition to military power. Basically as Al Gore noted, to advance our mentalities. With new technology, we can't have an old mentality... Bible wisdom applied to politics.

I have made this thread to consider all of your interests and ideas, not my own... for I usually go on various tangents and the major points I make, although important, tend to get lost in a sea of words.

I will, however, throw one idea out there, and that is the need for a spiritual leader within ones country. It has been said, "a prophet is not accepted in his own country"... I would like to prove this wrong for I do not like the idea that spiritual leaders often are powerless beings on earth, who have transient power that is most sincerely felt once they pass. If a country accepted a true leader, it would set an example and change the pace of both worldly and domestic politics. Jesus said, "desire mercy, not sacrifice," which means, for the next turning point, one must seek to fulfill divine roles desiring mercy, and hopefully surviving once they reach the top in order to make changes that are concrete, completing earlier prophesies. Love is power, power is God.

To adapt political jargon, contrary to popular belief, "soft power" can be far more powerful, and much more lasting than "hard power"... We need to realize this especially, for even us, especially if our will is united, can influence, rather than bicker over, the problems that exist in the world today. Technology enables and enervates advanced democracy.

If we were all utopians, we would live in a utopia. If we were all realist, we wouldn't exist.


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Irishone21 said:
If we were all utopians, we would live in a utopia.
I don't think you quite understand that folks disagree on what constitutes a utopia. Should we be communist "utopians", anarcho-capitalist "utopians", anarcho-syndicalist "utopians", Christian right "utopians", social liberal "utopians", or what? One man's utopia is another's dystopia. So we all make concessions. Or we all kill each other. Or we just continue to bicker on into forever. Or something along those lines. When everyone actually agrees on what constitutes a utopia, that's when you have to worry. Paper utopias always vanish as soon as they touch reality. You can thank an utterly uncaring God for that.

(I think I'm being very optimistic in this post. I'm not sure how, yet, but there's a silver lining somewhere in it.)


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God cares more than you know... as for the quote, I don't completely agree with it either, even though I made it up... but its a "thinker"... As for utopia, we must learn to consolidate all our utopian visions into one.