Movies Main Film Genres v. Your top 5 in each catagory


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In no particular order mine would be (mind you, this was reallllly TOUGH!!!):

Action / Adventure:

1.) Braveheart
2.) Gladiator
3.) Any from the Jason Bourne collection
4.) No Country for Old Men
5.) Pulp Fiction


1.) The Wedding Singer
2.) Along Came Polly
3.) Hitch - all because of Kevin James' part
4.) Anything with the late John Candy in
5.) Christmas Vacation

Gangster / Crime:

1.) A Bronx Tale
2.) The Departed
3.) L.A. Confidential
4.) Jackie Brown
5.) The Usual Suspects


1.) Pay it Forward
2.) The Green Mile
3.) Boogie Nights
4.) Stand by Me
5.) Witness


1.) The Blair Witch Project
2.) Wolf Creek
3.) Predator
4.) The Shining
5.) Any film made out of a Stephen King novel, I'm a huge fan of his.


1.) Singing in the Rain
2.) West Side Story
3.) The Lion King
4.) Snow White and the Seven Dwarfs
5.) The Wizard of OZ

Science Fiction:

1.) ET
2.) Star Wars (the older ones)
3.) Alien
4.) The Abyss
5.) Apollo 13

War / Anti-war:

1.) Full Metal Jacket
2.) Platoon
3.) Taps
4.) A Few Good Men
5.) Saving Private Ryan


1.) The Good, The Bad and The Ugly
2.) Unforgiven
3.) Dances with Wolves
4.) Butch Cassidy and the Sundance Kid
5.) The Wild Bunch

Disney / Animated / Children's / Family films:

1.) Harry Potter films
2.) Finding Nemo
3.) Happy Feet
4.) A Christmas Story
5.) Marley and Me


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If I haven't done a full 5 it's because I haven't seen enough of the genre or just don't have enough favourites.

Action / Adventure:

1.) OldBoy
2.) The Dark Knight
3.) The Matrix
4.) Spider-man 2
5.) Terminator 2


1.) Anchorman
2.) Superbad
3.) Wayne's World
4.) Dumb And Dumber
5.) Pineapple Express

Gangster / Crime:

1.) Reservoir Dogs
2.) The Departed
3.) Pulp Fiction
4.) L.A. Confidential
5.) The Usual Suspects

Drama / Thriller:

1.) Memento
2.) Fight Club
3.) The Prestige
4.) High Fidelity
5.) (500) Days of Summer


1.) A Tale of Two Sisters
2.) The Shining
3.) [Rec]
4.) The Blair Witch Project
5.) Let The Right One In


1.) The Nightmare Before Christmas
2.) South Park The Movie
3.) Sweeney Todd: The Demon Barber of Fleet Street

Science Fiction:

1.) Moon
2.) Sunshine
3.) Alien
4.) Star Trek

War / Anti-war:

1.) Full Metal Jacket
2.) The Hurt Locker
3.) Jar Head

Disney / Animated / Children's / Family films:

1.) Aladdin
2.) Kung Fu Panda
3.) Up
4.) Liar Liar
5.) Hercules


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Okay my list is really empty as I didn't really watch enough movies to fit in each category.

1. Dark Knight
2. V for Vendetta
3. Matrix
4. 300

1. The Godfather Trilogy

1. Saw Series

Science Fiction:
1. Minority Report
2. Fifth Element
3. Star wars (Newest Trilogy)

War Movies
1. (I know that this is a mini Series but) Band of Brothers
2. We Were Soldiers
3. Saving Private Ryan
4. Codetalkers
5. Platoon

The Dark Knight
No Country For Old Men
Terminator Salvation
3:10 to Yuma


The Hangover
Step Brothers
Old School
Wedding Crashers
Talladega Nights: The Ballad of Ricky Bobby


Training Day
The Departed
Kiss Kiss Bang Bang
L.A. Confidential


The Prestige
The Bourne Idenity
The Bourne Supremacy
The Bourne Ultimatum


Shaun of the Dead
Scream 2
Friday The 13th (2009)
Cabin Fever

Science Fiction:

The X-Files: Fight The Future
Deja Vu
Aliens vs. Predator: Requiem
I Am Legend


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Don't Romance and Sports count as "main film genres"? ;)

I'm working on my list.

Where's your list???
Alot of great films mentioned so far- Should change it to 10 films per genere! lol

You know what film I watched over the weekend that I forgot how much I loved and should have added to my list? "Hope Floats".
...That has to be the only film that I can think of that has made me cry on and off thru-out watching it. So touching and moving, and even though I'm not a huge Sandra Bullock fan, hats off to her for playing her roll so well.
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Enter the Dragon..
The Rock.
First Blood.
Terminator 2.
Blood and Bone.


Blind Date.
Happy Gilmore.
Uncle Buck.
Hot Shots part Deux.
The Money Pit.


The Godfather.
Carlitos Way.
Once Upon a Time in America.
King of New York.


The Hunted.
Cop Land.
The Night of the Hunter.
Just Cause.


Shaun Of The Dead.
An American Werewolf in London.
The Shining.
Interview With A Vampire.
From Dusk Till Dawn.

Science Fiction.

Pitch Black.
Star Wars.
Event Horizon.

War/Anti War.

A Few Good Men.
Heartbreak Ridge.
Saving Private Ryan.


The Searchers.
The Shootist.
The Last Of The Mohicans.
Once Upon A Time in the West.


The Princess Bride.
Beauty and The Beast.
The Lion King.
Lady and the Tramp.
Sharks Tale.

Damn this was hard and I will probably think of some that I want to swap but for now I am brain Fried.