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Mai HiME (My HiME)


Destined Sayuri

So..... has anybody here seen any episodes of it? I've watched every episode of it and it was a great show. It's a little weird to describe but it's not your usual "Magic Girls" type of anime. It may seem a bit weird during the first few episodes but it gets better. It has a great ending to the series too ^_^

I've just finished every episode of Mai Otome (My Otome) too. It's a good series to watch right after Mai HiME.


i've seen all of mai-hime and my otome. I liked the first series although the ending was a disappointment. Didn't like the fact that everyone came back. My Otome had a better ending then the first. Series was ok, not best but still enjoyable.

Destined Sayuri

Hmmm I actually really thought the series Mai Otome was a bit rushed. (really liked it when the "old lady" beat up those two guys)


I've seen like 9 episodes of the first series I thought it was alright.


I've only seen the first 4 eps but it's a good mix of action and laughs with cute girls too. That 4th ep is priceless.
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