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Maher says stop getting outraged over every little thing


Free Spirit
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Maher: ‘Left and right’ need to stop getting outraged over ‘every little thing’

People do seem to get upset over everything these days. Its just that one persons personal opinion and Maher thinks we pay too much attention to it. I think he's right, we do but I think the reason for that is so much crap seems to come out of peoples mouths anymore. They don't have a clue they just spew in an effort to upset the masses or push their opinion off on you. You of course want your side heard or the indignity they bestowed upon you to be revenged. Its only human and seems to be part of our political system anymore.

What's your opinion on this? Promise not to get upset even if it doesn't agree with mine.:lol: It would be a boring world if we all agreed on everything.
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It doesn't matter if every day people stop getting outraged because we'll always have shitty little organizations like the NAACP taking everything out of context and making sure people get outraged about something that shouldn't effect anyone.


not a plastic bag
I think Maher is trying to lump his vulgar remarks into some of the ridiculous examples of political correctness and call them all the same and suggest that they should all be equally forgiven.
So somebody on ESPN unintentionally uses a common expression "Chink in the armor" that could considered racist and Maher is equivocating that to a time he called a handicapped child an "inbred weirdo" because he didn't agree with the politics of the child's parents. Or said that their other child should write a book called = "Oops, there's a dick in me."
Except they're not at all the same. The ESPN case was a gross overreaction to an a completely accidental racial slur and what Maher said was a calculated attack on children because he wanted to hurt and anger the parents of the children. All for the simple reason that he disagrees with them politically.

At the same time, there is some truth to what Maher said. There are a lot of people that get "butt hurt" over the smallest and most innocuous statements because they either have an agenda (NAACP for example) or because their beliefs are so weak, they cannot defend them against attack.


Problematic Shitlord
It's funny to see Maher advocating this for ironic reasons but at the same time I've had the same thought for awhile now. It seems like people are quick to anger and to me it's because of how easy it is to get exposure these days. Light up Facebook, spam Youtube, Tweet the hell out of the Twitterverse and you can be a celebrity in hours for whatever cause. People seem to be so happy to be victims that they'll do anything to get anything.