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Discussion in 'Cards & Board Games' started by lavoidgaskins, Sep 21, 2006.

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    Hell yeah Scientist would make a huge impact...for starters we now have the likes ov Cyber Twin/End, probably two ov the most broken fusions in the game (just falling under Chimeratech Over Dragon)...people will splash this in Stein INSTANTLY for an alternate win condition...hell, people won't need Stein anymore since you're only paying 1000 LPs and killing them with a Morph'd Cy-End in ONE TURN...unbanning this would undoubtly make Stein the be all-end all deck in tourneys everywhere...

    Besides that fact...with Last Will being one, the Scientist OTK has been toned down drastically...and TER abuse is practically dead so all he could bring out is Balter/Senshi/Fiend Drag and the Cybers...but still possible to use...and not viable for unbanning for the next format or two...
  3. Ofcourse it would. most people keep ryu senshi dark balter and such plus alot of other decks would be played for example. I say a fairly nice combo with a magical scientiest outside of a magical scientist deck. it's Scientist and Sorcerer of Dark Magic
    the card that looks like Dark Magician but you need to tribute 2 Spellcasters level 6 or up to special summon him. You magical scientist 2 Sanwitchs the sangan witch fusion that are level 6 spell caster and you bring Sorcerer of Dark Magic out with 3200 and But To the Point if Magical Scientist came back it will have to Comepete with the 2 other Fusion Otks out. Chimertech and Cyber Stein.
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    Scientist would be bad; with the errating of Last Will and Decree easier to get now. Let's see; Draw---Activate Last Will----Exiled summon and tribute---bring out scientist----activate set decree---pay for cyber twin and cyber end---GG.

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