Magic Jack - $20/year phoner service


not a plastic bag

VOIP has finally been done right. I am testing a friend's MJ right now and for the most part it works like it says. I have a 320kb connection and my phone clips sometimes. My friend has a 3mb connection and the phone is perfect.

Basicly, you buy the jack, plug it in, get a phone #, plug your phone to your computer and you're done. Call anywhere for free! yes, free! Great service. This will eventually kill the phone company as we know it - which makes me sad since the phone co. is my day job!
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I wonder how it compares to Skype? I always liked Skype since I started using it a year or so ago. I never did get an actual phone for it though. That would probably be a nice addition but I can do that with Skype already, plus Skype was only $15 a year for unlimited calls in and out. :)