Magic Hope Right Ingredients Equal Playoff Run


Aw, Here It Goes!
In the ORLANDO SENTINEL, Brian Schmitz writes that "they are still missing a few ingredients, but the Orlando Magic believe they are cooking up an appetizing pot of potential this season." Orlando’s "season largely will be determined by the growth of youngsters Dwight Howard, 20; Jameer Nelson, 24; and Darko Milicic, 21. Nelson's midseason foot injury likely cost the Magic a playoff spot: They were 5-15 in the games he missed." Health is always a concern, "particularly when the roll call includes veteran Grant Hill. Entering the final year of his contract, he is recovering from a sports hernia injury. Hill will be restricted by the team in camp, as will rookie J.J. Redick, who spent the summer rehabbing a herniated disk in his back.",0,6678065.story?coll=orl-magic


Sultan of Swat
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I honestly believe that the Magic will have a very good season this year, like you've mentioned they have a lot of talent, and Howard will only get better, it really helped him making the USA squad. Also Milicic knows that he'll get some playing minutes this season, which should motivate him a lot. Jameer Nelson will obviously get better, also I look for Trevor Ariza to have a break out season. Also you have Reddick who can come off the bench and give you instant scoring.