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Magic Cylinder, Friday September 1st 206

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Sorry it took me a few days to do this card of the day, but it was Turbos day and now I'm filling in for him.

Okie people today we take a look at Magic Cylinder. In the new format this card may just have a nice future going for it.

With Ring Of Destruction back and the promotion of Ceasefire due to recruiter monsters this card has the ability to see play in this new format. While it does not destroy a monster like the perfered choice of Sakuretsu Armor and Mirror Force it can end a game unlike them.

With the treat of Cyber Stein still lurking around and with the new found powers of Machines this may just be your best friend in staying alive.

Along with my self and a few others have taken it upon them selfs to use this card in our decks and the results are fantastic. I truely think it's good so try giving it a chance.

Traditional: 3-5
Advanced: 2.5-5
Not open for further replies.