Maggette Upset At Dunleavy Again



Corey Maggette only played 17 minutes in the Clippers' loss to the Knicks on Tuesday night and voiced very strong criticism for Mike Dunleavy following the game.

"It's just more of Dunleavy's [stuff] again," Maggette said. "I don't get it, I really don't. It's crazy. I put in work. I deserve to play.

"It's totally mind-boggling to me. [It's] unbelievable that I couldn't help this team tonight. Why? Why?"

In January, Donald Sterling came out and said that things had cleared after an impromptu meeting between Maggette, Sterling, Elgin Baylor and Dunleavy.

"He isn't listening to Sterling," Maggette said of Dunleavy. "If he listened to him, I'd be playing.

"I really felt we were [past this]. I guess not, because here we go again. I'm a yo-yo, man."