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What magazines do you subscribe to?

I don't get any anymore since you can find pretty much everything on the internet now. I used to get a few though.

Sports Illustrated
Climbing Magazine
Electronic Gaming Monthly
Nintendo Power (subscribed to get the free Zelda disc)


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I don't subscribe either, but I use to subscribe to these magazines:

-Sports Illustrated

I still have some of my old issues.
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I used to subscribe to Psychology Today and then Parents magazine (especially during the first years I was a mom).

Now I only have Newsweek (international edition). I get it twice a month.
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I get a few every month, some I dont even subscribe to and they still send 'em. I still pay for these ones:

-The Hockey News
-Electronic Gaming Monthly

and these are my ones that just wont go away:

I stopped paying for it like 2 or 3 years ago, I talked to a lady on the phone when I canceled my subscription and she said they'd give me a year complimentary to try and persuade me back...but that was back in '05. The only difference I notice now is the spine of the magazines I get now dont make a picture. When I subscribed, if you stacked the mags on top of eachother the spines were all part of 1 big picture. You had to have all 12 to finish it. The ones I get now dont do that.

-Sportsmans Guide
I'd ordered a shirt through them, for like another 10 bucks they signed me up for a discount club which had a magazine that came with it. I havent paid for that magazine in probably 5-6 years and yet every month I still get one.

-Official PlayStation magazine
Ordered a year worth of this one my freshman year in high school (1999/2000) pretty much for the PS1-2 Demo's. Oddly enough I've never had to pay since and it still shows up.
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-The New Republic

Very hard to find if you don't subscribe, only available in large airport bookstores. It's gotten somewhat trashy since the Stephen Glass scandal (as an associate editor, he just made stories up), but it's still pretty good in the realm of center-left publications.

-Electronic Gaming Monthly

Gotten it for maybe five years. Might stopping getting it, I'm not really that obsessed with gaming anymore.

-The Economist

If you can't stand American political magazines, read this. It's not really all that partisan, the tone is nice and moderate, and it's full of good information.

My mother just retired, and she used to be a psychiatrist. So we still get some magazines that she used to stock the waiting room with, like Star and Rolling Stone.


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Someone bought me a subscription to glamour forever ago, and yet I still get it for some reason..

I buy cosmo monthly though.


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I don't subscribe either, but I use to subscribe to these magazines:

-Sports Illustrated

I still have some of my old issues.
Wow, I used to subscribe to those too. I don't really subscribe anymore though. I just buy some hip hop or sports magazines when i'm at a store.