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Madonna Attacks Bush At Festival


Anonym0uz Bitch

Still, Eminem is speaking directly to Bush basically.


Ms. Malone
Billie Joe Armstrong once said in front of a huge crowd 'A big fuck you to George W Bush! My name is Billie Joe Armstrong and i was sent to make Geroge Bush's like a fucking nightmare!'

He also said to Kerrang Magazine "We took a chance by saying we couldn't trust the Bush Administration, and everything that's happened since then has proved us right. There's been new faux pas every month, be that Hurricane Katrina to the outing of a CIA Agent...It's all proper 'American Idiot' stuff really. A never-ending parade of shit!'

Goddess, i love that man *drools* He's got more guts than Eminem or Madonna!


what a bitch. LOL

bush would prolly marvel at the thought of her sucking his dick though...i mean look who he is stuck with!