Made In China then recalled

I am afraid to go shopping anymore with all the recalls going on and lead paint in toys and Ecoli and salmonilla, WHAT THE HELL IS GOING ON !!!

I work at Dollar General and all non name brand stuff is "Made In China" and are total junk.

I mistakenly bought a rechargeable drill/flash light combo and it came with just 1 light bulb and it blew in about a week and I couldn't find a bulb nowhere and I even looked on the internet and the bulb is a Xenon 18 volt 6 amp flashlight type of bulb and after 30 days of searching my best friends mom found a place that carries it and I said send me 5 of them.

Did you know that some AMERICAN flags are made in China :scared::mad:


A Darker Knight
"Lead imported into America has just been recalled for having too much paint." :lol:

Serously, it's all about the cheap labor. I'd personally prefer to buy something more expensive once and have it last longer than buying a cheap version and replacing it every other week.