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Madden NFL 12


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I'm making this under the same general premise as the NHL 12 thread...I was watching some E3 footage with Millz, and I've been talking to him and BigBob about the fact that I'm considering picking it up this year...I haven't gotten a Madden game in about 4 years or so.

I'll link a Gamespot page for the game below - the 360 page - because it has the E3 stage demo.

It looks like the game has some interesting new camera angles in play, more authentic to TV. Millz was noting last night that while the change is good, because it's been the same for so long, it looks a little akward in trying to find your receivers when passing. Thoughts on this change, and on Madden 12 in general?

Also, how do you think the possible NFL lockout will affect this year's game? Will the same amount of people buy it as usual? Will it be nice as an alternate to the missing real season, or will popularity slide backwards a little?

Madden NFL 12, Madden NFL 12 Xbox 360 - GameSpot.com
I've been thinking more about the lockout, and if it does happen I think this year's Madden may be really enjoyable because of that. If I can't see Sam Bradford progressing on TV with my Rams, for example, I can have him winning Super Bowls on Madden.

In recent sports games discussions with people, and in reading some recent posts in the NHL 12 thread, I'm seeing that alternate teams, seasons, etc. is a really appealing side to these games. Kind of creating your own "bizarro" season. An example is that Millz was telling me that he played franchise mode just to be able to move the Patriots to another city and win a championship there...I've never really tried this with sports games and it appeals to me a lot this year.

To answer the question that I put out there, I think that just as many people as usual will buy the game, regardless. It's a hit no matter what.
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