Wii Madden 08 For wii


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Is madden for the wii any good. I really want a fooball game and was just curious if any one has played it


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I hate just about every one of them because of lackluster gameplay and a stronger focus on making the players look better, rather than actually giving a crap about the football aspect of it.


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good to know :) I enjoy them and was wondering how the wii version compares to others. I know the graphics wont be on par but curious about the gameplay.
I can't speak from first-hand experience, or for '08, but I know that Madden '07 was apparently really great. For a long time I was the highest rated game for the Wii with around an 8.7 if I remember correctly (granted, there were like 10 games out at the time, but still...).

I briefly looked up the ratings and '08 got slightly lower scores than '07. I would advise you to get '07 since it's apparently better. However, if you have to have the updated rosters, well, then EA already has you in it's grasp so just buy '08.


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I read the reveiws and they said 08 is better then 07. I did not want to get 07 because it was not online and 08 is online. I will probubly get it.