Madden 07....



sooo did anyone get it??? I didnt.....might wait for the review and when the price goes down some....


my friend said that the controls are crazy....lik u use the analog stick for da kickoff and other stuff.


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Madden 07 is worth the $2 I paid for it. (Copywrite laws don't apply in Iraq. :))

It really is a step in the right direction for the Madden series. 01-04 were soft, but the NFL isn't soft. 05-06 were very mechanical, but the NFL isn't mechanical. 07 has taken the feel of the game towards a fleshy, natural style of gameplay. I mean, it's still Madden in the end, which means it is outstanding no matter what, but I think non-Madden fans will have a lot less to complain about this year.

The running game has been reborn, the kicking game is the way kicking SHOULD be, and the passing game is essentially the same.

Even though I got it for $2, I would've paid full price.

(PS: I have over 50 Xbox games at $2 a pop)


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I got Madden 07 the first day it came out. I think its great. Yea you kickoff with the analog you flick it up then when it gets to the right zone you hit it down. Yea and the manual blocking feature is cool to you just have to get used to it or you'll just miss the block and your QB or RB will get hit for a lost of yards. But all the same its a good game.
I've heard nothing but great things about Madden, but then again, there is never anything but great things said about Madden. I still heard that the 360 versio is probably the worst since they removed various features and seemed to focus on makin it look better, but thats the entent of the criticism I have heard...