Macross Plus: The Movie

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    Isamu Dyson, a hot-shot Valkyrie pilot, finally got the job of his dreams -- being the test pilot for a highly experimental aircraft to compete against another company's design. The first day of his job on planet Eden, though, he finds out that the test pilot working for the opposition is none other than cool-as-ice Guld Bowman, Isamu's once-friend-now-bitter-rival. Isamu and Guld had always tried to one-up each other in everything, whether it be in flying skills, bravery ... or for the heart of Myung Fan Lone, their old classmate. Coincidentally enough, Myung is also on Eden as the manager for Sharon Apple -- the galaxy's most popular virtual pop-singer.

    Tensions get high (I mean _really_ high) as the old rivalry and hatred between Isamu and Guld begins to fester with every move. It doesn't help one bit, either, when a breakthrough in artificial intelligence threatens to forever change the way Valkyries will be piloted ... or the way songs will be listened to ...

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