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    I didn't have a chance to research if this thread as been created or not, so sorry if it has. The biggest buzz since yesterday is the story that Mackenzie Phillips told Oprah about her about her father. The story is pretty disturbing to say the least. She supposedly had a ten year relationship with her father John Phillips, the suppose reason why she stopped is because she was pregnant. She had to get an abortion, her father paid for it. Now if you know a bit about John and Mackenzie then you know they were big drug users especially her dad. Mackenzie step mom said that she's lying and that John was a good man, but then her step sister is saying that she's telling the truth and she told her the same thing around ten years ago. ow a lot of people don't believe her because she's only coming out with these news today, but it's really hard not to believe her story because it's so detailed. Thoughts about the whole situation?

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    The story apparently is that he raped her when she was 18 and it became more consensual as it went on. Mackenzie Phillips claims to have gone through Stockholm syndrome where the captive falls in love with the captor. Basically when you become so messed up you end up caring for the person victimizing you. She called it rape because she claims he drugged her.

    I don't know what I think of the validity of the situation to be honest with you. Some parts of me feels like she's doing this for the attention and money. I mean, when you have deep-seated issues like this, you don't go running to the press when you wake up from a 10-year stupor unless you still have serious mental problems. The other problem I have is that she's an addict, a well documented drug addict and addicts are known for their ability to get what they want. They'll do anything to get the drug they need and some parts of this case just don't seem to add up.

    I feel for her on the other hand because it does sound like her father took advantage of her while she was under the influence. However, the sheer fact that she didn't stop taking drugs after she woke up next to her father with her panties at her ankles tells me that this girl had problems before the incest started and the continued abuse of drugs and mental calamity of the incest points to the very likely possibility she has seriously complex webs of mental fog and damage rattling around up there.

    It disgusts me that she went straight to writing and publicizing a book while trying to play the victim because to me, that's just not genuine, that's the mindset of a crazy person. Some people live in denial for decades before basically snapping out of it some random day. It's happened before and those who experience it describe it as such. This is why I'm having a hard time believing Phillips right now because she just does not seem sincerely affected by this, she sounds like a typical burnt out child star who got so coked out and fucked up during her early years that she's still scrambling to get another hit of her favorite drug: fame.
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    Cons, in most cases incest survivors do not go to the press for attention. They do it because they have finally grown balls and found their voice. She wrote her memoirs and they were published because of her fame first, the story second. Her father taught her how to roll her first joint at the age of 10, is it really such a surprise that she became an addict? Sometimes, clinging to a vice is so very much easier than facing reality. Please, please, please, do not judge someone who has been a victim of something so awful unless you're positive you know the whole truth and nothing but the truth.

    Yes, she claims that the age of 18 is the first time she REMEMBERS him doing this to her. It's hard to believe he waited that long. BTW, the panties around the ankles reference was totally unecessary.
    I'm not even sure how to respond to this, so it's best to leave it be. You do realize, don't you that this isn't the type of thing most grown women lie about, right? "burnt out star" or not, no woman enjoys sharing something so intimate and humiliating with the world. If she wanted to be looked at as a victim and make something up, I think she may have found something a little less horrible to write about.
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    Funny since you've done the same thing by assuming that Phillips has "finally grown balls" by going public. I don't need to go through this sort of trauma to know that people who go through severe mental trauma never go to the media as a first option. People who are genuinely scarred usually go to family, friends, or on the rare occasion, a professional. Going to the press first seems like a strange concept that seems to suggest a higher concern for fame than actually wanting help.

    First, how is it hard to believe he waited? Did I miss something about him being a child predator? Weren't you the one just telling me to not pass judgment on people? Sample your own dish before serving it to others.

    Secondly in reference to the "unnecessary" comment, that's what she actually said. Do some research before posting Angels.

    "Over time, in 1980, I'm on the road with my Dad in the New Mamas and Papas, and I begin waking up after drug-fueled events with my pants around my ankles and my father sleeping beside me," Phillips recalled. - Breaking News, U.S., World, Weather, Entertainment & Video News

    This is a major part of the reason why I'm having trouble believing her pain, if it's so humuliating and intimate, why the hell did she go to the press first? I know she wants to be an advocate and I give her credit, major credit for that. But this idea of going public first is baffling.

    Also, you think she would write about something less horrible? Do you not watch the news? Read books? Watch movies? Horrible news is the most profitable. The worse it is, the more money you can make. It's sick but that's one of the tennents of the modern media. Bad news, especially sick and twisted news like this, gets you severe coverage and will get all sorts of people to side with you, send donations, and more importantly, fight your cause. She may be wholeheartedly sincere with this idea to be an advocate, I never said I had a solid opinion just yet. I'm just not so sure I'm buying what she's saying at the moment.
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    This is a subject that I’ll get too emotionally involved in, so I’m going to leave you to your opinions, Cons. I will say this though..did it occur to you that perhaps she chose to tell her story through this route because she had the ability to reach out to other women who have suffered similar horrors? We have no idea how difficult the telling of the story is for her. Emotionally detaching yourself from the recounting of remembered events is a survival mechanism. I know.

    As far as the panties around the ankle, you of all people should know to reference things that you are quoting. I watched the news story, sorry I didn’t do my reading before responding.
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    She already said she's doing this to be an advocate so you're not guessing, it's the truth. All I'm saying and what you're ignoring is that fact that rather than seek help, she's going straight to the press. It just seems like a very strange concept to me. Serious trauma leads to serious mental issues, must mean a trip to the doc- I mean, Oprah!

    I think your emotions are preventing you from seeing why I'm skeptical. I told you I don't have a solid belief, I'm simply doubtful seeing as her first idea was to make money off of it.

    . . . and you of all people should know that criticizing someone for being presumptuous and then doing so yourself will get you mocked for being a hypocrite. I would have had no problem with you being offended and me clearing it up if you hadn't made your adamant stance on "passing judgment" so clear.
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    Cons she already told this to member her family, like I mentioned in my OP she told this story to her step sister China/Chyna(don't know the right spelling) so she already might of tried to seek help from her family and nothing came out it.

    She also mentioned that she's not doing this to give her dad a bad name, that's the last thing she wants to do. She knows that this type of stuff happens all over the world and people are to afraid to tell anyone, so she feels if she goes on national television and tells the whole world that then maybe more people with the same crisis will be less afraid to come out and tell someone about it.
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    Yes . . . I know. Twice now, I have said that I understand her proposed reasoning for this whole media fiasco is to become an advocate for people that dealt with what she has.

    Like I keep saying, I don't see any mention of her trying another method. Yeah, she told her sister but judging by the article I read in Entertainment Weekly, it's a new development there, too. I just doubt someone who would write a book and go to the media first.

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