Machine Chaos

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    this is a deck i came up with useing the advance format

    2x Cyber Dragon
    2x Dark Mimic lv 3
    2x Mechancial Chaser
    2x Magicain Of Faith
    2x Drillroid
    1x X Head Cannon
    1x Y Dragon Head
    1x Z Metal Tank
    1x Breaker
    1x Machine King Prototype
    1x Treeborn Frog
    1x Chaos Sorcerer
    1x D.D. Assialent
    1x Sangen
    1x D.D. Warrior Lady

    2x Smashing
    1x Power Bond
    1x Limiter Removal 
    1x Premature Burial
    1x Snatch Steal
    1x Brain Control
    2x Noblemen Of Crossout 
    1x Heavy Strom
    1x Mystical Space Typhonne
    1x Graceful Charity
    1x Scapegoats
    1x Enamey Controller

    2x Sakarasu Armor
    2x Bottemless Trap Hole
    1x Torential Tribute
    1x Call Of The Haunted
    1x Mirror Force
    1x Return From A Different Demention

    Side Deck
    1x Neko Mane King
    1x Moubius
    1x King Tiger
    1x Des Wombat
    1x X Head Cannon
    1x Y Dragon Head
    1x Z Metal Tank
    1x Mystic Swordsmen lv 2
    1x D.D. Survivor
    1x Morphing Jar
    1x Royal Decree
    1x Ceasefire
    1x Sakarasu Armor
    2x Kinetic Soldier

    Cyber Twin Dragon
    XZ Tank Cannon
    YZ Tank Dragon
    XY Dragon Cannon

  2. why have cyber stein and no fusionss? .. other then that, doesnt look too bad, 7.5/10
  3. I would add in a Limiter Removal just for safety as in for a last resort if Power Bond does not work out in the end. Giant Trunade also would not be bad to add in there. Everything else looks good to me. I would rate this deck a 7.8 / 10. Nice job.
  4. bmxbunnie17

    bmxbunnie17 Guest

    okay i change the deck around some check it now
  5. Not many changes I would say it's Semi slow but then again i shouldn't talk my Cyb dragon requires alto of tech cards.^^ but i sped it up with Light hex seals since bust first hand would be he summoned no Field and you had Cyber dragon light hex seal fissure/smashing ground and limiter.^^ I give it a 7/10 on Play ability and a 9.5/10 out of originality.^^

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