Movies 'MacGyver' getting revived as feature film


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'MacGyver' getting revived as feature film

This is a couple weeks old, but I just found it a minute ago. They'll be reviving MacGyver into a film. I am very excited, and I'll definitely be watching this movie when it comes out. It doesn't give out a lot of information of when it's going to start filming or who's going to act a MacGyver and such, but I really hope Richard Dean Anderson will be MacGyver. I am a huge fan of this old television show.
My life is now complete. I use to watch this corny show when I was younger and ate it up. I have to imagine they'll stick to the same insane formula, where he can grab a popsicle stick, a wetnap, and a table cloth and leap out of a crashing airplane without a scratch on him. I'll be interested to see who gets the part.


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A few years back when Richard Dean Anderson left "Stargate SG-1" there was some talk about a new "MacGyver" television series where Jared Padelecki would have played MacGyver's son or nephew, I don't remember which exactly. Anderson would have occasionally guest-starred.