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Mac Mini stuck at Start-Up...


New Member
Hello everybody,

I have a 1 year old Mac Mini (OSX 10.5.4) thats stuck at the gray start up screen. I have currently tried everything that the Mac booklet, online discussions, and even technical help books have had to offer. You can assume that nothing has so far worked now that I have to actually start up a thread asking for help.

Right now I'm booting it up in Safe Mode (out of many failed attempts) to see if I can luckily get it to work (updates on that later). I don't know if resetting the PRAM and NVRAM affects this but if it does then I've been out of luck trying to boot it up. :-/

I would appreciate any suggestions, tips, anything that you think would help. And if you're going to suggest for me to send my Mac to get repaired, I feel like I should just get a new Mac and pray that I don't F it up this time (assuming that my attempts to fix it have sabotaged it's chances to live in the first place ;)).

Please and a thanks in advance for anything that could help.

PS. My monitor, mouse and keyboard are not the Apple ones. However the keyboard is Mac compatible as it has the specific ctrl buttons and stuff. I don't know, it's like one of those off-brand type things that are to compensate the fact that leading brands are expensive as hell lol And I mention this because I read that having the specific Mac brand accessories is needed when your experiencing problems... I'm not really sure about that, in fact I'm pretty skeptical if thats true or not. If you have any thoughts about it that would be nice to hear as well (as all it sounds like to me is a marketing ploy...:urp:).


Registered Member
ok well this may sound stupid, and most probably not help. but do you have a CD/USB Stick plugged in? as the BootScreen loads the OS and if there is a CD/USB plugged in it looks for files there. if it cant find them it will stay there thinking they will magicly appear.

otherwise its a fault in the system and you may need to get it replaced


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I've actually had problems in the past booting my system with an Apple screen connected to a PC and vice versa. Do you have an Apple screen that you can try? If not try booting without your screen connected and reconnecting it after 3 minutes or so. I've had updates that have caused this type of thing as well but they've only ever affected booting the computer.

Maybe that's it, maybe it's not, we'll see I guess.

Can you describe exactly what the screen looks like. It's gray, I got that part. Does it have an Apple logo on it, is it a blank screen, does it show the little loading icon?

While I'm at it I might as well tell you that I've also had issues of the sort when my hard drive went bad. I'm guessing you aren't a super advanced computer user but I've had macs that hung on the gray screen when there was hard drive failure.

In this case you would need to most likely replace the hard drive but you should be able to get the people at the Apple store to copy the entire hard drive to a new HDD so you won't lose any of your data. (they have ways of extracting all the information from a bad hard drive).

Have you done anything out of the norm recently with this computer?

I just noticed how old this thread is...
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