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Discuss the anime "Maburaho" in this thread.


Shikimori Kazuki has a problem. In a world where the ability to use magic is paramount, and as a student in a school of only the most elite magicians, he is almost completely unable to use magic -- he has a mere eight charges before being burned up like a magic missile wand in a D&D campaign.

However, the girls at his school are after a different kind of wand ... for it turns out his "genes" carry the distilled potential of the world's greatest magicians. So now, the scions of Japan's most powerful magical families want in his pants, and to top it all off, he's got a girl living in his dorm claiming to be his promised wife.


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A relatively mediocre harem anime. If you like fanservice and cute girls all slowly falling in love with Kazuki or male lead this is a good series. The animation is par (not good not bad though). But it was just interesting enough for me to finish.