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Movies M. Night Shyamalan's: The Night Chronicles


Tamer Of The LOLzilla
It's hard to think of a career that went south faster than M. Night Shyamalans. After having great success with The Sixth Sense and making one of the most realistic super hero films ever, Unbreakable, it seemed like he was on a roll. Then there was Signs which seemed to divide people and I don't think he's had a critical hit since (though that hasn't stopped him trying).

His newest project is a trilogy called The Night Chronicles. Despite the name he wont actually be directing. He's going to produce 3 films over 3 years that are based on his own ideas but directed by different people. The universal theme is going to be "supernatural themes set in modern society" (So basically just like everything else he's ever done).

The first film is Devil which is about people stuck in an elevator with.....the devil. It looks kind of lame to be honest. The second is coming out next year and it's called Twelve Strangers. However it's his plans for the third one that really made me want to start this thread. Fans of Unbreakable, brace yourself.

A villain in the third film is going to be a character designed for Unbreakable 2 (which isn't happening). I personally didn't think Unbreakable warranted a sequel but I am very curious to get an idea of where the sequel would have gone if he'd made it.
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I ♥ Haters
I loved the Sixth Sense and Unbreakable, despite directing these awesome movies, I think he still sucks. A few of his recent movies have let me scratching my head going "What the hell just happened?" The Devil doesn't look all that great, but I admit it doesn't look bad either.

12 Strangers, I don't know much about. But if his 3rd film is gonna be a sequel of some sorts to Unbreakable, I think I'm gonna pass on that. He's just gonna end up fucking it up.