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I've never seen the movie, heard it wasn't as good as the tv series. Any recommendations?

I used to watch MASH as a kid on a regular basis and only because my parents did. Only in recent years when my family started purchasing the whole series on DVD did I understand what I was watching and enjoyed the humor in the episodes.
So far I've gone through 8 seasons out of 11 and some time I hope to finish the series.
Have you ever watched it?
What are your thoughts about the Korean war? Do you agree with Hawkeye and his gang or more with Burns & Hot Lips?
Out of all the episodes you've seen who was the funniest in your opinion?
Please share anything else you'd like, about the series.


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I haven't seen the film, but the tv series is really good, hawkeye will always make you laugh :)

I can't rememeber all the episodes but theres one when an american official type guy arrives to check that none of the doctors or nurses there are 'communist sympathisers' and they accuse one of the nurses which makes the unit come together in defiance of this.

it was a nice episode to see how they felt about eachother :)

and still funny in places - all of the episodes are good so no matter which one you watch you'll have a good laugh!

Hawkeye is my favourite character, because he's funny xD (little predictable maybe). I think hot lips and burns are very serious about thier job there which makes me like them less, but they're still good characters.


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Watch the movie. Once you remember that the only character being played by the same person is Radar you'll fall in love with it.