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Movies M*A*S*H


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Well, anyone else a rabid MASH fan?

I'm currently trying to save up enough dough to buy the entire series on DVD. Alan Alda, who played Captain Hawkeye Pierce, is probably one of my favorite actors. And he wrote and directed alot of the series' high points.Of course, I'm in the minority that prefers the season four and up episodes.

What can I say? Trapper seemed to be nothing more then a second Hawkeye, and with Col. Blake, well, I could only suspend my disbelief for so long at times. Even the most fantastic characters have to be grounded in reality. He didn't seem to be.

Of course, I love the show in it's entirety. Only watch it four times a day. I'm currently looking for a VHS copy of the last episode. Hopefully from somebody who doesn't realize just how valuable it is.

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I use to watch Mash A LOT when I was little, but I can never find it on anymore, nor can I remember many of the episodes.


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Oh wow. This brings back memories lol. I used to watch MASH all the time. This show is brilliant.


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MASH is and was the most realistic comedic drama in the history of tv. it set the standards for tv as we know it. the writing is phenomenal. i watch the reruns daily whether i remember the episode or not. A true tv classic.


i agree MASH is one of the greatest show on tv. but i would have to say col. blake and trapper john are better than b.j. and potter

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mightymage3 said:
i agree MASH is one of the greatest show on TV. but i would have to say col. Blake and trapper john are better than b.j. and potter
If you say that Frank Burns is better then Winchester then you will feel the wrath of a green haired hippie.....

My problem with Trapper was, well, the same reason Wayne Rogers quite. He was nothing more then a side kick, without a character of his own. Larry Linville (Frank Burns) quit because they blew every chance they had to make his character a little bit deeper. McLean Stevenson (Blake) quite because he wanted more money. That's why they killed him off. He was being an ass.

I have this friend that I've been calling Winchester lately. Well, he's not a friend but an acquaintance. It started when my brother side "I know, he is a huge pompous ass. Like Winchester. But deep down, he's a really good person. Like Winchester."