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about Timo Rautiainen and Jarkko Martikainen from Timo Rautiainen's band;

A pastor of the religion
YouTube - Timo Rautiainen - Uskonnonpastori

Have to shout it out:
i can't to speak no more quietly.
I am even of it mind
that this spirit seems of the devil.

Get up, you who falter/quaver!
Get up, you who scare and be shy.
Go, run and go:
faith makes just of it, what can't make.

Mercy is a expletive,
when wrong man is by speaker.
He tell about ruthless message of the mercy.

This is like show, where
possessed of a devil plays clergyman.
We are in the same boat,
and not find dowel/tap to the bottom.

Pick up your "machine" and go away,
cause your power get binds here and now.
Your power is under our leg,
your hand broken, head get crushed.

The love is expletive,
when wrong man is by speaker.
Build up no-love message of the love.

This is like a show, where
possessed of a devil plays clergyman.
We are in the same boat,
and not find dowel/tap to the bottom.

Soon we all go mad/crazy,
now puts your finger to the panicbutton!
Thereby here we are...
Go damn finding to clergyman!

Another lyric, here;

Red line dash
YouTube - Timo Rautiainen - Punainen viiva

And is abot luck and gladness yet;
of the days has get pack much...
But what do you reply, when to ask, that how much?

About luck;your luck is at your hand
in here short moment
where the summer has disappear...
Autumn for the winter deflects now.

And is one quite at the start
but other is already in the end:
tears in his lame vigor/power,
towards about grey he plods.

Now you can wishes your goodbye
and also accepts, that the terrain
swallow it what generated
and not will restore.

Of that moment coming we remember of it;
we remember the lost, dead,
who already had take from there to the arms of the dark.

We remember of it inevitability;
most loving human
the name of the all to disappear.
A line dash to has pull of it over.

The death goes here above the world,
makes to achievements our group:
gives our time to tick by,
until our departure to defines.

And is about luck and gladness
of the days is has get pack much...
Off of them to has take,
but how much stay?
Here is CMX's lyric;

The rust

look how quietly
all goes
but these years is shorts
and when the moon and sun are together in the sky
i pick up all on the yard out and i burn

the books and papers
maybe also
piece of furnitures and memories
all the lies which does come on the way/road of the life
all good what stymies/hampers to seeing it
it's a rust

smoke take a contact to the ruin
you know from what it feels
warms up hands
burn-out homes in the ash

look how quietly
rains again
dust on the years
maybe this hands of the murder to finds the head
that strokes and feels the stress of the world
it's a rust

A north blows, take off a mind of the clothes
and of the bad luck's splinters the mirror had agglutinated
it there freezes, your mute picture
it witness by become serious
all again once about fastidiously security to ascertain/find

and you did anyhow to blows a strong wind against
figures of human to spits about frozen fire of their stomach
when by hands opened will, hope at best
and finally one morning coming
get in front of gate which leads to the emptiness, doom

not flows anything, all freezes
not shows a membrane of the water than about dark
and a figure, which goes alone to freezen
alone goes, alone of it stay

but what's a will, what's a desires
or mystery, magic, puts you moving
who you listen, if anyone child this world
is your justice about cruel/cold, your cold eyes the look midflight to stops

for you we protects, mental bullied souls
our self-mental bullied witnesses
for you we protects, your name always
we swears champ of the cruelty/coldness.
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What was the point of this? To up your post count by one?

And these lyrics suck. Assuming they're all as bad as the first few lines.


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Here in Finland has liked very much usually of CMX's artist A.W.Yrjana lyrics.
He is a genius for the lyricist, all peoples here has give much credit for him.

But a matter of taste, but he is really very famous lyricist here(Finland go go go! Hard Rock Hallelujah rocks as this song shaked the whole world!).

I just put here of lyrics like other guys, should be weird? lol.
No, but serriously...what was the point? Dont just post random things, you need to have a reason.

I think you heard that long posts get you more chips.