Luther Reigns suffered stroke


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Apparently this happened a while ago but this is the first I am hearing about it.

Damn steroids...Ugh.


2:19 PM on 4/19/2010

The Arizona Republic is reporting that former WWE star Luther Reigns is currently recovering from a stroke he suffered in December 2009 and has cited drug use during his pro wrestling career as a contributing factor. Reigns, real name Matt Wiese, age 36, discussed the level of steroids and pain pills he used during his career as a factor, noting, "We wrestled every night, damn near every night. We were beat to hell. So we needed pain pills to do our job."

The article noted that Wiese's drug use predated his wrestling career, which also featured a run in WCW as Horshu. His drug use continued after he left the company in May 2005.

Aegis Science's Joseph Maroon commented on the WWE's Wellness Policy, noting that the detection of banned substances in tests is down 90% from when they first instituted them in 2005 following the death of Eddie Guerrero.

Wiese left the company before the Wellness Policy was in place but would have rehabilitation services provided to him from the company if he requested them.

The article also features comments from former WWE star Armado Estrada, who lives in the area and owns Baby's Steak and Lemonade. Estrada painted his experiences in the wrestling business as different from Reigns' and commented, "I don't think it's a fair assessment to say, 'Wrestling causes this, or wrestling causes that.' It's a decision."

Wiese visited with WWE when Wrestlemania was in Glendale last month. He is currently undergoing rehabilitation from his stroke. In the article, his doctor noted that a stroke at the age of 36 is extremely rare and was likely brought on by drug use.
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Well that sucks for him, it's great though that the WWE got it through their heads a long time ago about making sure drugs like these should be banned, so people can't have strokes at such a young age like he did. I just hope that he makes a full recovery.


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Poor guy, he'll be in my prayers. He wasn't that great but he definitely entertained me here and there. Here's hoping to a good recovery.


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I was never a huge fan of his, but I never want to see anyone severe anything bad like this. Hopefully he'll be able to recover soon and move on with his life.


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Very surprising. If I had to guess a former Smackdown star just had a stroke, sure wouldn't be him. Hope he gets better so he doesn't end up like Test and countless other big guys.