Lupin the 3rd: The Big Operation to Return The Treasures



I recently got a chance to watch this movie fansubbed. I have to say I think its a great anime and in someways better then Castle of Cagliostro. The animation style is pretty much the same as always other than that it looks updated and cleaned up which is nice for a change. Froth Bite is the group that fansubbed it. If you get a chance I suggest you check it out.

This is what its about:
Lupin grows tired of the jobs of stealing money from the casinos in Moscow and heads for Scotland. Mark loses the Trick Diamond that he stole. The Trick Diamond is a diamond embedded in the highest part of the Sagrada Familia. To obtain this, Mark must return all the treasures he stole to their original places within the deadline. And so, will Lupin be able to obtain the Trick Diamond?