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Discussion in 'Hockey' started by Darksyde, Sep 26, 2007.

  1. Darksyde

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    Luongo vows to quit over bigger nets

    Dale Oviatt, CanWest News Service

    Published: Tuesday, September 25, 2007

    Should the National Hockey League make a move toward bigger nets, one of the league's elite goaltenders would call it quits. Vancouver stopper Roberto Luongo told an NHL conference call Tuesday that he has no desire to play in a league with larger nets. "If that day comes, I don't think you guys will be seeing me in the NHL," he said. "I have no intentions of playing with bigger nets." Asked if he'd retire, he replied "Yeah."
    The NHL first discussed the idea of larger nets two years ago, when players and league executives met to debate ways of increasing scoring and opening up the game.
    The topic was revisited briefly in June when general managers met in Ottawa.
    Luongo, who is entering his eighth NHL season, admits defending the net is different than it was in years past. "The way the goalies play the game has changed," he said. "Also, the shooters did not have synergy sticks back in the day. It all evolves with time.
    "Definitely the game is different today and that's why we see goalies needing a bit more protection and being better goaltenders and better athletes."
    The 28-year-old set a Vancouver franchise record last season, appearing in 76 games. He posted a 47-22-6 record with a 2.29 goals-against average in guiding the Canucks to first place in the Northwest Division. He finished second to Pittsburgh's Sidney Crosby in voting for the Hart Trophy as the league's most valuable player. In the post-season, Luongo was solid in leading the Canucks to a seven-game series victory over Dallas in the first round of the playoffs. In his playoff debut in Game 1 against Dallas, he stopped 72 of 76 shots in a 5-4 quadruple overtime victory. The Canucks then fell in five games to the Anaheim Ducks in the Western Conference semifinals. Luongo knows that with last season's success comes high expectations this time around. "I think we want to take it to the next level. As far as the team is concerned, we were proud of what we accomplished last year because not a lot of people put us in that situation," he said. "Now that we've been there, we've had a taste of it. We want to take the next step, which would be obviously trying to win the Stanley Cup. We know there's a lot of hard work to be done. "We're in a tough division. At the same time, we know that we have the capability as far as talent in the locker-room and the character to do it."

  2. andrew_bishop

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    Man no offense to the guy but this is just being a baby. He's among the two best goalies in the game today and to just quit over something as dumb as the net size is just assonine.
  3. Darksyde

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    I feel where your coming from. But after playing the position for about 12yrs I understand where he is coming from. With all the advancments on sticks these days, a medocre player can become a very good player. The goaltenders already have to be so much more agile then in the past. A larger net will make the good goaltenders look awful and the ok players look great. If I had a say, I would vote no to larger nets.
  4. andrew_bishop

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    I'd vote the same way but still. I mean we gave goalies so much of an advancement in their play before and for one of the best of this time to go and basically say that its all for nothing just pisses me off a bit.
  5. hockey4life

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    noway louongo and broduer could become 2 of the worst goalies in the nhl if they made the nets biger, plus evry goalie would b thrown off with the size differnence
  6. andrew_bishop

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    That's not 100% true. The nets would only be a bit larger which could be as simple as one or two games and a few practices and bam the goalies are used to the size of the nets. I mean it's not something that I do agree with but it's a big issue in the NHL right now.
  7. i say good. fuck him. dont let the door hit you in the ass on your way out luongo!
  8. andrew_bishop

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    I think we need a guy like this in the NHL. I think that if he stays at the pace he is going Luongo will be one of the best pure goal savers of all time and for him to drop over this is just bad.
  9. Slimpy

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    Thats exactly it though, every goalie would be thrown off for a bit. Louongo is acting like he will be the only one to have to play with a bigger net, we don't need that in this game, someone wanting to quit over something that won't make that much of a difference.
  10. andrew_bishop

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    Luongo is standing up for a group of goalies that are basically to low marketed to stand up on the issue. If he says it's a bad idea people are going to think , Well he's one of the best goalies around right now so maybe he's right in which case I don't think he is.

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