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Divisive Lunacy in German public opinions


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I bashed certain American public opinions lately, especially on the far-right.

But I want to make it even by telling you about left-wing lunacy in Germany, to explain two things: 1) I'm not a hopeless leftist, and 2) I don't think I'm anti-American, but am just as much disgusted by lunacy in Germany.

When it comes to lunacy, what's the far-right for America, is the far-left in Germany. We have a socialist party (Left Party) that has won 8.6% of the votes in the last election. At its peak, it won 11.9% of the votes (that was 2009).

You find all kind of conspiracy theorists and nuts in that party, from radical pacifists over communists to East-Germany-nostalgics, capitalism-haters and radical unionists. It's very heterogenous, everybody who's left and "against the system" will gather in that party. It's basically a "Tea Party on the left".

But even beyond these die-hards, certain opinions are common on the German left. Such as knee jerk anti-Americanism (now I don't think America is beyond criticism, and I don't think every criticism is "anti-Americanism", but some is). These people will always blame America for everything it does, and what makes this bad is the blatant one-sidedness of this bashing. That even goes so far that some people will defend ugly dictatorships and tyrannies, as long as they're against "American imperialism" -- the enemy of my enemy is my friend. They totally lose all perspective.

We see that these days in the Ukraine conflict: There are so many Germans who keep bashing the West and our own government, for allegedly "provoking Russia" and "risking a war" -- engaging in all kind of absurd conspiracy theories.

That ties in with another specialty of the German left: Self-hatred. It's always us (Germany, the West, NATO, the EU, America) that's to blame for everything that goes wrong in the world, no matter if it's Russia invading Ukraine ("we provoked them!") to wars in Africa ("we're selling them the weapons!") to hunger in the Third World ("we exploit them!"). Now of course, some of that has a true core, we're indeed partially responsible in *some* regards -- but by far not as much as this knee-jerk reaction suggests. No evil could ever possibly exist outside the Western World. That's basically the old Western chauvinism ("we are exceptional and everything good that comes to the world is due to us!"), just algebraic signs reversed.

Then, the German left has no idea how the economy works, and just like the American right is totally paranoid the moment they hear the term "government", the German left is equally paranoid when it hears the term "economy". They fail to realize our wealth is thanks to free markets. Instead, "economy" just means exploitation, terror, wage slavery, world dictatorship, corruption. I find both kinds of paranoia equally absurd and lunatic.

The German left does not value the freedom and democracy we enjoy. They live under the paranoid delusion that we're oppressed: The capitalist system oppresses us, banks and big companies are pulling the strings in the government and the media, and we're not really free. Now it's not that this is 100% wrong -- but they totally exaggerate this problem, blow it out of proportion and engage in hysteria. Ironically totally unaware that if they weren't free, they wouldn't be able to talk and write about that alleged "oppression". This leads them to relativism: When we aren't free, other countries aren't worse than us. So why not consider Iran, Cuba or Russia on eyelevel with us? This total disregard for the freedom we do enjoy makes them incapable of estimating and valuing, let alone defending it.

Then, totally unrealistic expectations of government: The government is expected to solve any problem that exists, even problems that aren't in the realm of government. And when it fails to do so, it's blamed and hated. (That's a mirror image to the American far-right: They hate and blame the government whenever it attempts to solve any problem at all, even problems it is well suited to solve). This German government submission is something I'd call "post-totalitarian phantom pain": We had so many dictatorships, and each of them, from Kaiser over the Nazis to the Commies, promised they take care of all needs of the people and if they just keep on, we'll have paradise on earth. People then expected the same from republican government, although republicanism never claimed anything like that. And then, they hate and blame it when it doesn't create paradise on earth.

I could go on and on ... maybe later.


Free Spirit
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You get people like that everywhere. They buy all the conspiracy theories or the BS put out there by their favorite media or shit stirrer. Sometimes they are just wanting the government to fail. Why I don't know, I really don't understand that. Aren't you happy these people aren't in charge.

There are people here that blames us for Ukraine. You would think we were the ones that invaded Crimea and took over the country. This is one time I don't think we or the EU can afford to turn our backs on whats going on.

There are times we should keep our nose out of it. Also I wish we would stop giving so much money to other countries unless they are third world countries that are needing food and medicine. We are a nation in dept and can't afford to keep doing this.

No you can't expect government to solve all problems but many people do. Then if they try and fail they are blamed for trying, if they do nothing then they are blamed for inaction, can't win with some people.

You know I rarely hear anyone here talk badly about Germany or any European country. Their insults are usually just aimed at our own government or people. Now Russian, China or middle eastern countries its a different story.
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