Ludacris Sig


Sultan of Swat
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I personally like it a lot, awesome Ludacris picture, it fits really well with the background, I love how the diamonds are sparkling and everything. The fon't is also good, and I really like the size of the sig. Good job my friend.


take the blur filter off the text to being with, a script font would horrible with the style I think. You could go textless if you want, however its not a sig that necessarily needs to be textless it could go either way.

Like I said though first remove the blur filter and then I'd mkae the text a little bit smaller, not much though.
I like the background... very art deco, which you don't see too much for sigs. Foreground is nothing special, but it goes well enough with the background that it's not a problem.


eh I dont really like it to be honest, colors dont work well and it looks too scatchy, he looks hella wierd in that picture and the shinning bling isnt my taste, kinda makes me sick...

no hard feelings bro, I just dont like this sig.


Nefarious Kaizoku Capt'n
This sig would look perfect, if it just had another bg I say. The text is okay and I like the pic, though I'm not fond of shining bling in sigs I do like how it is used in this one. But what's with all the white dots everywhere around the sig? It makes it look really blurry and kinda tacky >>;