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Hi ppl!! What are you eating right now?!! XD

I wanted to share with you some info about lucuma, well, I dont have any idea if you know about it, but anyways enjoy!!

The lucuma, is a delicious fruit found in the valleys of Peru. This fruit is very commonly used for making desserts, ice cream, etc.

You will notice when its ready to eat, because its peel turns brown and its pulp orange yellow.

This fruit also have a historic past. It was firstly domesticated by ancient peruvian civilizations (called Incas) and then rediscovered by spanish colonizers.

The lucuma is very consumed in all Peru territory by its delicious flavor.
Personally, I like eating it prepared in cheesecakes, pies, mousses, bavaroisse and ice creams, but no raw.

So, its lucuma common in your country? How do you prefer it: processed or raw? Leave your answer! ;)


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Hey, BlackCat :) I live in the US, in Michigan, and I've never noticed lucuma at any of the stores where I shop, but that doesn't necessarily mean it isn't there; I tend to be a creature of habit and buy the things that I'm familiar with, unless a recipe catches my eye that sounds good and has some ingredient that's new to me--then I'll track it down.

I'm all intrigued by lucuma now, though, especially after looking it up and reading that its flavor is a cross between maple and sweet potato--does that sound accurate to you? Also, it is described as having a rather dry flesh--is that also true?

I just might have to see if I can find any lucuma around here...

Thanks for sharing!


/ˈɪzəˌbɛl/ pink 5
I think they sell it here but not the fresh one. It's in powder form and about 50 euros per kilo. People use it for desserts.


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Good that you know about lucuma, one way or another!! XD

As you describe lucuma qweerblue, indeed, its pretty accurate.
In order to make desserts its usually liquified (the pulp) with some water.
So, you know, next time you go to the market, go search for this fruit and try it.
You can ask me for recipes, I know a lot!! XD

Any other experiences with lucuma in your life? Share with us!!