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Discussion in 'General Discussion' started by Casualtie, Nov 7, 2006.

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    About a month or two ago I came across a website about lucid dreaming.

    For those who don't know, lucid dreaming is basically put as recognizing your dreaming while your dreaming. You might think this sounds a little boring, but it doesn't take long until you can control your dreams and take charge of what is going on around you.

    Experienced lucid dreamers (about a year or longer) have said their dreams eventually begin to feel so real that they are beyond life-like.

    I've been practicing it for about a month or two and have already had two, very lengthy, very controlled, and very vivid lucid dreams. It was an amazing experience. I doesn't cut away from anything in real life, because you are doing it while you are a sleep and that is it.

    Some benefits:

    Can put you in a great mood
    Get rid of nightmares
    Give you something to do while you sleep
    Find your muse
    Help you conquer your fears
    Great stress reliever
    Practice skateboarding
    Have fun
    Et cetera

    Here is a link to my dream journal:

    If your at all interested, send me a PM and I'll give you a link to a great website on it. I don't want to post it here because it has a forum and I don't want to get in trouble for posting a link to a different forum.

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    I've actually been very intrigued by this. I've always wanted to learn how to do this. Can you please post some of the steps you take?
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    I've had this happen before. Sometimes I think it's just that the dreams are so ridiculous that you know it's a dream, yet you're too tired to wake up.
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    Sure thing. This site is down at the momemt, but for future reference its:

    First things first. You have to be able to remember your dreams. There are many ways to go about improving this skill, oftenly called dream recall, the most common being a dream journal. Basically you record your dreams and reread them whenever you get the chance (it doesn't have to be often) and try to recognize your dream sign.

    A dream sign is a common element in your dreams that can be used to help you recognize you are dream.

    There are many other ways of improving dream recall, such as closley examining the world around you, and truly questioning it. It helps train your mind to pay more attnetion to detail.

    Once you have decent recall, its time to work on becoming lucid. Like dream recall there are many different ways of going about this. The vast majority of them are aid by a reality check in some way.

    A reality check is basically what it sounds, a way of testing reality. There are several methods for this as well, such as plugging your nose with your fingers (like a diver) and seeing if you can breath (this is the method I use). Obviously, if you can breath, you are dreaming.

    You need to preform a series of reality checks throughout the day in order to get into the habit of doing them. This subconsciously trains your brain to do reality checks whenever you think of them. If that is often, chances are you will eventually do one in a dream.

    Thats as basic and broken down as it gets
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    Sometimes I can tell when I am dreaming it's just that when I try to open my eyes I can't >>; I think maybe because I am so tired my eyes refuses to pop open, but when they do I sometimes forget the dream al together and can't recall it at all T_T Sometimes that's a good thing though.
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    you know, i remember most of the things I dream about, mostly maybe because I've been having 4 or 5 of the same type of dreams for so many years now that i can remember.

    1 - no dreams at all

    2 - i'm on the ground and either i kick off and starting to float on my own

    3 - someone, usually an archer or someone throwing stones at me is there and i start to run and end up floating.

    the only problem with these 2 dreams is that I know i'm dreaming but when i try to get down I can't. I just keep going higher and higher and when i start to be way high in the sky way above the clouds i get this feeling that if i go any higher something bad is going to i just wake up. I've never kept dreaming to see what would happen if i did reach that far.

    4 - i usually know in my dream that i'm dreaming because i'm looking at myself as i'm dreaming from outside my body. Sometimes I don't usually look like the person I am now, but for some reason I know it's me that i'm looking at. Like watching a story unfold before my eyes.


    some varies here and there but those usually some up what it is i'm dreaming about..oh...i've also dreamed that i went inside the tv and turned into a cartoon character once of twice...looked kinda like a mario game setting... -_-
  8. I've heard much about these "lucid" dreams because my friend has claimed to have had one. These usually occur during REM sleep (Rapid Eye Movement-your brain is functioning as if it were awake while you are still asleep) right after your fall asleep or right before you are to wake up without assistance (alarm clock, person waking you up, etc).
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    Lucid dreaming is an odd thing, because, even though you are dreaming and everything that is going on in the dream is completely under you control, because after all it is coming out of your subconscious, it still takes a while to realize that you can change and manipulate things.

    The weird thing is that they teach you how to have lucid dreams in Buddhist monasteries in order to help you deal with your problems. My mom, having lived in one for a large amount of time during her youth, taught me how to realize that I was dreaming when I was 5 years old to help me get over my nightmares. I hadn’t even realized that realizing you were in a dream, and then manipulating it, had a name until 2 years ago when I watched The Wakening Life.

    If you’re trying to learn how to Lucid dream or you already know how and want to know more about lucid dreaming, I highly recommend you watch this movie.
  10. I actually had one last night, and boy was it amazing. I could do whatever I wanted, and when I got bored, poof, change of scenery.

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