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Loyalty to your team's conference/league?


Living in Ikoria
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This applies to any sport, so use whatever you'd like for an example.

With the All-Star game coming up in Major League Baseball, I've been thinking of a topic that has come up in conversations for me a lot over the years.

In the cases of...

1. An All-Star game.

2. The finals, when your team hasn't made it.

...do you ever root for the team because it belongs to your conference/league?

Would you rather see an NL Team winning the World Series, for example, because your team is NL and it makes the league look more dominant and legit?


As for me, I definitely think that way, but not all the time. Always with All-Star games I want my league/conference to look like the stronger one and win. In baseball, with the AL having won so many and look so much more dominant in the last 10+ years, I'm always pulling for the NL. And unless one of my 2 favorite AL teams is in the World Series (Rays/Royals), I'll usually want the NL team to win so that our league looks better. Unless it's a rival.

I know that it comes with a lot of those "unless it's a rival" type of statements, and that teams being better or worse in one conference or the other comes down to getting the most wins, but to me stuff like this matters. I want my team to be a part of the best, and when my team is winning, against the best of the best.


A Darker Knight
My loyalties usually lie with whoever is on my fantasy team (when it comes to football or basketball). If that doesn't cut it, I root for whoever I like more or whoever deserves to win. If my favorite team isn't there, then I really don't mind.

In that case, I might root for a team to lose more than for a team to win, like a Celtic/Laker final. I don't like Boston particularly, but I definitely don't want LA to win.


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For an All-Star game, I always want my division/conference/etc to be the team that wins. Regardless if it actually means something (MLB) or not (NFL).

Now, for the Championship, this is kind of a tough one. As most people here know I'm a Minnesota Vikings fan so it was rough watching the Super Bowl. I was on the fence who I wanted to win. I wanted the Steelers to win because the Packers are our rivals but I wanted the Packers to win because it's the NFC North. There are only three teams that I will ever root 100% against without caring who they're up against and that's the Bears, Lions and Saints.


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For finals or championship games I do not automatically go with the team representing my favorite teams' conference. I simply go with the team I like better.


Better Call Saul
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I will absolutely root for the National League or the NFC in the all-star games but as far as the championships go that is a different story. It really depends.

For example in baseball. The majority of the teams I root for who aren't the Cardinals are in the American League. I can only assume that's the case because we don't have to face them as much and there's not as much "hatred" for them. So it really just depends.


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I want the AL to win the All-Star game, but I don't necessarily want the team from the AL to win the World Series. I also prefer the DH, which is an AL thing, although that's probably largely because I'm a Mariners fan and Edgar Martinez was awesome.

For non-baseball sports, I often don't even know which teams are in which division/conference, so it doesn't even matter.