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Loyal Pets: Cats vs Dogs

Loyal Pets: Cats vs Dogs

  • Cats

    Votes: 2 100.0%
  • Dogs

    Votes: 0 0.0%

  • Total voters


Registered Member
There has been a recent series shown on the BBC about Cats vs Dogs and which are the better pet to own. What they can do physically, which can solve mental problems in quicker time and most importantly which are more loyal to their owners.

I think it is fair to say dogs are more loyal to their owners than cats are. When you see a dog generally speaking they will be much more loyal and loving than a cat. A cat is a loving animal but I think that cats are much more independent and therefore rely less on their owners. In one test they set two bowls of food down. One bowl was held by the owner with a little bit of food the other without anyone and a lot of food. In the case of the dog the dog went to the bowl held by its owner, in the case of the cat the cat went to the bowl with more food. Was the cat less loyal or was it simply thinking more as an animal and thinking "I don't know when my next meal is coming so I should probably get as much as I can"?

I have seen cats who are very friendly and loyal. My sisters cats cannot stand it if you do not pay attention and so many owners have shown that even the task of going to the toilet can be interrupted by a cat outside the door desperate to get in, but is that that the same thing? Is it loyalty or is it simply that the cat just wants to know where its master is?

Which would you say is the more loyal? Do you own a cat who is loyal or a cat that as long as you feed it really couldn't care less? Have you seen the same in dogs? Do you have both? Which is more loyal?


Free Spirit
Staff member
I think in general dogs are more loyal. I say in general because some aren't. I've had dogs that wasn't that loyal.

Cat's I think they consider themselves your equal. They are loyal just not in the same way or to the extent a dog is. I think that is because dogs are pack animals and cats aren't.


Registered Member
I voted cats simply because I have and like cats better. Besides, if one I have could answer the question as a human being would FOR me, she'd probably make it undeniable that she's loyal to me given that the slightest amount of attention I give to other cats gets extreme anger from her. So I'm more voting FOR her, even though dogs are probably categorically loyal since they expect more of your attention. Cats are more like "Be loyal to me or else". So cats get my vote.
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