Low Profile Auctions


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I was wondering why the low profile auction format got changed....I liked being able to quickly see what members had up for auction. I don't know what others feel about this. I just thought it was easier to add member's auctions to our watch lists that way. Is there anyway of posting a forum that just has watch this item links(when you get the time of coarse) so we can do that quickly and help each other?


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Too many people didn't pay attention to the format and just posted in either forum. It was getting to the point where mods couldn't keep up with it.

People should start their threads with "This is MY auction" and then post the link I suppose. It was just too confusing before. That's all. Person A makes a post about person B's auction. Person B joins, and posts their own auction in the Showcase. Now each forum has the same auction in it.. Confusing just explaining it! :D