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Lovely Bliss


Registered Member
Let's have a look at some of her recent post's :p

- No, the only thing you gotta get is laid.

- Dear Dildo,

Maybe if you went to the fucking shops once in a while I wouldn't disappoint.


- So basically you're a twat?

- You sleep with your mum in your dreams.

- Well I don't rate cereal EITHER. I don't like milk so I don't have cereal. Eating cheese is like eating rubber or something. Smelly rubber. Jeanie smelly cheese eater!

- Something I have never tried and never plan to try. Beurk. Weird Americans and their weird foods.

- Good luck, young man. Work hard and become a better man than your mother.

- That wasn't a dream... And it wasn't your dad having sex with your mum. It was me. :nod:

- I eat NORMAL food you bitch. You know, vegetables, meat, fruit, chocolate... You guys are just oddballs.

Lovely person :lol::lol:


Epic Gamer
You're not GF's Funny Man. Get out.


Registered Member
Yeah that was a personal favourite of mine haha


Epic Gamer


Lion Rampant
Bliss, glorious food!
All ball gags and dildos!
When she's in the mood,
You're assholes and elbows!
What is it we dream about?
What gives us a sigh?
A giant Blissylayercake
Six men high!