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Let's have a look at some of her recent post's :p

- No, the only thing you gotta get is laid.

- Dear Dildo,

Maybe if you went to the fucking shops once in a while I wouldn't disappoint.


- So basically you're a twat?

- You sleep with your mum in your dreams.

- Well I don't rate cereal EITHER. I don't like milk so I don't have cereal. Eating cheese is like eating rubber or something. Smelly rubber. Jeanie smelly cheese eater!

- Something I have never tried and never plan to try. Beurk. Weird Americans and their weird foods.

- Good luck, young man. Work hard and become a better man than your mother.

- That wasn't a dream... And it wasn't your dad having sex with your mum. It was me. :nod:

- I eat NORMAL food you bitch. You know, vegetables, meat, fruit, chocolate... You guys are just oddballs.

Lovely person :lol::lol:


Lion Rampant
Bliss, glorious food!
All ball gags and dildos!
When she's in the mood,
You're assholes and elbows!
What is it we dream about?
What gives us a sigh?
A giant Blissylayercake
Six men high!