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Do you feel like you have to go looking for love??
Or are you comfortable sitting back, just kind of waiting..and if it happens, it happens...if it doesn't...oh well~(??)


I'm the type that waits for it to happen and don't seek.
Maybe this could be one of the reasons why I've never had a boyfriend or been in love.
I just think it should come naturally.


Babeasaurus Sex
In what form...

Love happens everyday. and I mean if you mean romantically falling in love then how on earth could you actively look for a reaction that happens so fast and so naturally!

That rush of pure delight at something like when your dog leaps to you or places his head in your lap when your sad, or when your little brother wraps his entire hand around your finger for the first time or that moment when you and your best friend sit and laugh at everything for no reason, thats love and it happens everyday!



My two experiences with love have both been pretty awful. So, I am definitely not seeking anything now or for a while. I'll sit back, do my best to avoid it and if it still managed to get me, well then I'll see how it goes.


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I tried both a bit. Currently I'm waiting for mr. Right to cross my path. There are plenty of 'potentials' as I like to call them, but the ones I like and get a good vibe from tend to be straight - or slightly curious if I'm lucky. Nothing serious enough though, so I keep looking.

Dating sites let me down in the past, I kept meeting these nerdy types, who were really nice guys but I wasn't sexually attracted to them. And I really don't care about Dungeons and Dragons, or WoW as is the popular game nowadays. Religious ones I also have problems with, I have trouble standing the lame spirituality some radiate in conversations.

I don't think I'm really picky, I have a weakness for blonds and gingers and guys need to like guys - I don't really feel anything for the feminine fellows. But good gay guys are so hard to find...

At this moment I don't feel like actively searching for a mate, and though being alone is very lonely, I'm coping (as I've done the past 22 years) and confident I'll eventually marry the man of my dreams - or at least someone close to it.

Concerning falling in love, that is a process which I think I sort of control now. I used to have terrible crushes on guys I could never get (who were straight or lived in Australia or some place far away), now I go "yummy!" but keep things realistic.
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Better Call Saul
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I don't necessarily think you have to go "look" for it...I never have and I've somewhat found it. I do think that things happen for a reason and what is supposed to happen will eventually happen. You have to try and be open and put yourself out there, however.

If you shun everyone and never try to have a relationship then you're never going to find love. If you don't care if you find it or not then fine, that's the way to go for you. I've had two long'ish term relationships and I didn't go out and try and find them. I worked with one and I was friends with another. They just happened. Once I found them (or we found each other) and I knew I liked them then I went after it.

If you find someone you have to put in the effort and put yourself out there and on the line and don't look back. I think if you go around and try and find it that you're going to get yourself hurt more times then not. Just let it happen but once it happens GO FOR IT.


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Love is just a series of hormonal reactions to induce reproduction and staying with ones mate long enough to ensure stability and viability of the newborn and to raise it to a point where it is adequately nourished and can survive.