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What's your favorite love song? Something that makes your heart melt every time you hear it!

It would have to I Can't Take My Eyes off of You, there are so many versions of it, so just pick whatever artist you like.


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"The Moon is Still Over Her Shoulder" - by - Michael Johnson.

The song depicts the love and attraction a man still has for his wife in the latter years of their lives together.



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Kissing You by Des'ree or I Miss You by Incubus.

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Kissing You is just a beautiful song. I think Des'ree has the perfect voice for it and it always brings a tear to my eye.

I Miss You is linked to Syndicate. When I hear it I think of him. I can relate to the lyrics as we used to be in a long distance relationship which was always difficult.
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Come on guys, give some details or else the thread will get moved to sub-talk!

I'm going to have to go with either Iris by Goo Goo Dolls, Broken by Seether and Amy Lee, or Pieces by Red. The last two are songs about being saved by love from a broken situation and for some reason that's powerful to me.
I have moore!

Fleetwood Mac - need your love so bad.

Thats the song my parents want played at their funeral. Its a lovely love song. Love.

Two more that come to mind as well are Eric Clapton - wonderful tonight.... and Queen - you're my best friend. <3


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ooo. Iris is a great one. There's so many I can't pick the best. Have You Ever Really Loved A Woman by Bryan Adams is a great one too. The title says it all.

When A Man Loves A Woman by Michael Bolton is also a classic.


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Wow, its extremely hard to narrow this down, I'll give you my top 5.

Lifehouse - You and Me
Brian Mcknight - One Last Cry
Incubus - Dig (not necessarily a love song meant for a person either)
Earth, Wind & Fire - Loves Holiday
My Boo - Alicia Keys & Usher