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Love or Lust


New Member
To Love someone is entirely different to been IN Love with someone right?
But all the way through my teenage years most of my friends cried over guys because they believed they were generally in love with them but i always said it was lust or very strong attraction never anything near as strong as love.
Does been IN love really exist or do we just delude ourselves into thinking we are? :confused:


Secret Agent
Staff member
Of course it exists. It just doesn't exist after 2 dates. If exists after years of dating/marriage/laughing/fighting/happiness/hardships/good times/bad times/joy/sorrow, etc. If you can't go through all of those times with somebody then you don't love them, you love the idea of them, i.e. lust.


A Darker Knight
If you think about it, love is a form of self-delusion anyways. Who really makes us fall in love? Not really the other person. Whenever our expectations/criteria for falling in love are met, we let ourselves become more attached to the other person, or fall in love.

Different people fall in love faster because different people have different mindsets and ideas of what falling in love means. If it's just having physical attraction, then fulfilling that is very easy. If their idea is going through thick and thin before being able to fall in love, then it will take much longer.

That's why I think some people are able to get over past relationships faster than others because one person had more expectations filled than the other person. If you think one person is the answer to all your wishes then losing them will be a lot harder than losing someone who just hit one or two key points.