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  1. DinoFlintstone

    DinoFlintstone "There can be only one!"

    Do you believe in 'LOVE' at first sight? Just the other day, I got on a bus, and someone got on and I swooned just after a mere glimpse of her. :dizzy: I thought that was just me being me after seeing someone extraordinarily hot, but she sat a few seats in-front of me and I noticed how perfect her hair was. At another point [it was a long journey] I saw this leg along the aisle, and I thought 'that belongs to someone fit, then I followed it up and noticed it was her leg.
    That was just a glance, I didn't keep looking or anything creepy like it, in fact, I spent most of the time looking at the scenery or being deep in thought about other things. We then got off the bus, and we both ended-up waiting in the same waiting room for a ferry, :boat: :boat: :boat: she sat at the window, and I had to get up every now and again to see if the ferry was coming in, so I couldn't help but look in her direction, but I couldn't really look her in the eye [I don't ever usually have a problem with eye contact, but if I do, the problem is that other people are not making it enough.]
    When we got on the Ferry, she sat in an area, and my Son went there and sat, so I sat with him, opposite her. I didn't actually think much of it, then she asked me a question about time-tables [they were pretty complicated].
    So the time passed and I knew in my head that was drop-dead gorgeous, and something seemed lovely about her. :angel: It's when we got off the ferry and went our separate ways, I felt awful, why did I not 'chat-her-up'? Why did I not casually give her my [​IMG] E-Mail/Bebo/Facebook address? :headscratch:

    I had that 'feeling' all day and night and just kept thinking about her. No pervy thoughts or of sexual attraction [as such], but I am completely attracted to her. :madame:

    The Greeks thought of love at first sight as mania "Madness from the gods." :taz:
    The Greek Clitophon said "As soon as I had seen her, I was lost. For Beauty's wound is sharper than any weapon's, and it runs through the eyes down to the soul. It is through the eye that love's wound passes, and I now became a prey to a host of emotions..." :reading:
    It's an age old phenomenon, but why is it so?
    A Biblical of 'Love at First sight' would be Rebecka and Isaac, it was, I believe to be an 'arranged wedding.' On her way to meet him, she saw a man in a field, she knew there and then that, that must be him, she felt such emotion that she got off her camel. She asked her servant who he was, then upon learning, she covered her face with a veil.
    Her Soul was able to recognise him before they had met. [Soul Mates.]

    I wonder if I'll ever see her again, and would she even be remotely interest in me? I don't ring Church Bells any more, and Esmeralda is knocking on a bit now. [​IMG]

    What do you think about 'Love,' 'Love at first sight,' etc, etc? [​IMG]


  2. English-Emo-Boy

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    Can you love someone just through physical attraction in a first sight.

    I don't think so.

    So I do not believe in love at first sight.

    Sometimes I've seen a girl and thought "meh" but it's not until I've got to know them and chat with them that I've become attracted to them.
  3. Nixola

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    wow, your comment was so long and thought out, i can tell you put alot into it, i myself dont really believe in love at first site coz i have never experienced it. you have to give love time- it takes a while to start to fall for someone. i think you just really fancied her? or perhaps it was something like falling in love at first site, i dont know. do you yourself believe in love at first site?? you didnt specify if you do or not?
  4. fragile

    fragile Registered Member

    I don't believe that you can love someone without knowing them, but I certainly believe that you can see that there's something extra special about that person that goes beyond having just a physical attraction to him/her.

    But since we have more words for it than just love, then I think we might think of "love" in a different way than you do.
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  5. EndWinterRomance

    EndWinterRomance PREGGERS

    I believe in instant connection, lust at first sight if you will. I think that even if you're not admiring their looks you can feel a connection towards the other person. That being said it could be for a number of reasons, mostly intuition about upcoming events and not attraction at all. it could be that you noticed that woman because you had seen her before and not realized it OR somehow your subconscious realized something was going to happen (you talking to her about timetables) and made you aware of it.

    it takes a long time and a lot of effort to love someone, even in a friendly way. You must know that person very well and trust them. trust cannot be built in a second it takes time to stabilize. with so many factors involved its easy to see that love at first sight is impossible.
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  6. DinoFlintstone

    DinoFlintstone "There can be only one!"

    I do indeed believe in 'love at first sight,' or if online, 'love at first site.'

    To clarify though, by 'love' I mean 'strong feelings' 'I see great potential.'
    I just felt an instant mental and physical attraction, one that will pass, but if I see her again, and in the right circumstances, it would compel me to say or do something, albeit make an idiot of myself, but it would be worth it... heehee.

    I don't mean that I am 'in love' or 'Because of my feelings, I have rights' or 'I have expectations of what will happen next,' i.e planning ones life because of an emotion. These examples would be adverse mental health issues.

    So again, yes, I do believe in love at first sight, and when I come to think of it, I did get engaged to someone about 3400 years ago give or take a few millennia, and with her, it was love at first sight, though I never formally met her until a year or two later. I do remember a strong feeling of love, but in the 'early stages' and that love grew, enough for us to want and have a Child together, but circumstances changes and the love turned into hate and eventually morphed into friendship. A decade or so later, my mind is more mature, so I feel my version of love now is a little stronger, but that initial attraction works the same way as in 'early stages.' To have any stage is quite something though.

    Anyone else with more views?
    By views, I don't mean what's out your window, and by window, I don't mean XP or Vista.

    What is your opinion of first love?

    The things I write just to be able to make a post long enough to post.
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  7. fragile

    fragile Registered Member

    I'm a sucker for stories like this, and actually hope for the cliche of a happy ending. So if you were to get in a situation like this again... Would you have taken the chance to try and make something happen? Or would you probably react the same way as you did this time?
  8. DinoFlintstone

    DinoFlintstone "There can be only one!"

    It's often my plus side, but it can be a negative too that I don't give a situation too much thought, then I go home, and think my whole day through in great detail, and what I should have done, or the good things about what I've done etc, etc. In this situation, I've learned from my mistakes, if ever I was blessed with a next time, no matter how hard or easy it might be, I'd say something, even if it was to do/say something to manipulate the start of a conversation, knowing at some point, I'd have to say 'I have to go now, but here's my E-Mail, feel free to say Hi and chat.' or something along these lines, or better still, offer some information or something of interest just to encourage her to say hi back online, then I could use my Scottish charm (By her accent, I'd say she's english.)

    Well, we can live and hope.
  9. Merc

    Merc Certified Shitlord V.I.P. Lifetime

    It's utter bullshit, plain and simple. Unless of course you believe the definition of love is the tingly feeling you get in your nether regions when you spot a particularly foxy lady or dashing gentleman.

    Love is deep, complex, and involved. Infatuation may be a better word, but love is the worst choice.
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  10. DinoFlintstone

    DinoFlintstone "There can be only one!"

    And the award for the most mild mannered goes to ^^^

    Hong Kong Phooey is the greatest crime fighter, but...
    Who is this super hero?
    Rosemary the Telephone Operator?
    Henry the mild mannered Janitor?
    Could be....
    Hong Kong Phooey
    Number One Super Guy
    Hong Kong Phooey
    Quicker than the human eye
    He's got style a groovy style
    And a car that just won't stop
    When the going gets rough he's super tough
    With a Hong Kong Phooey Chop
    Ya! [​IMG]
    Hong Kong Phooey
    Number One Super Guy
    Hong Kong Phooey
    Quicker than the human eye
    Hong Kong Phooey
    Panerific! ​

    Anyway... where was I?
    Oh yes, 'lurrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrv.'
    Many seem to have a misconception of what love is, they feel that they are in a loveless world.
    When 'some people' see a Baby for the first time, though they have little or no connection with him or her, they will love that Baby.
    When people see a wee Puppy or Kitten for the first time, they will fall in-love with it. These things don't mean that you will marry and buy a house right there and then with said Baby or animal. In Biblical terms, and through most religions and philosophies, one must/should love ones neighbor automatically, unconditionally, which means we don't build a relationship first to just see if they are worthy of your love or not. Again, with someone who sins against you and others, you don't assess them to see if they qualify for your love, you love them no matter what, but you must hate the sin that they commit.
    Love is automatic, and if we live without love, then we have a problem. If we only love a select few, then we have a problem. I'd like to reiterate that my feelings are that yes, I have a crush on this lady, she does make my body tingle [and 'no' not in a pervy way... ... ... though that could be arranged... heehee... ... ... just kidding ;) ], it's that attraction that is classed as 'love at first sight.' I would love to be with her, I would love to get to know her etc, etc.


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